The Key to Change

A pot reflected in a mirrorThe key to change in your organization is you. There’s no getting away from it: If you want to see change happen around you, you have to start by changing yourself, possibly not exactly the same change you need to see in others, but whatever change is the next step for you. Your people need to see you lead. They need to see you go first into uncertainty.

Search on Google for “change for leaders” and it’s striking that what comes up is mostly about doing change to other people and organizations. Well, it simply doesn’t work like that, not if you want change to last.

Spend some time with Peter Senge, author of The Fifth Discipline and an authority on organizational learning and you’ll soon realize that personal change is the key to organizational change. That’s where it starts. In the words of a friend of ours: “Change yourself; change your organization,” (or the world).

But how?

With the right approach personal change can be orderly, directed and meaningful, and above all safe. You could say our work is about going safely out of the comfort zone – yours and ours. Oh yes, we’re there with you. That’s what it takes, and if we don’t have the right pieces to help you, we won’t get involved in the first place. But let’s just say, we’ve been round the block, and seen a lot before.