How We Help Your Organization

Four people discussing at a laptopWe work with your organization to help implement change and improve performance. And we go beyond process improvement – Lean, Six Sigma and all that. In fact, that’s not our focus, because you’re probably well-provided for in that area. The thing is these, let’s say “left-brain” approaches won’t work on their own, not long-term anyway. You need to engage your people at the emotional level if the process change is going to stick and deliver the benefits you anticipate. In fact, you really need to connect with their sense of purpose in life if you want truly high performance. We can help you do that in a structured and insightful way.

The truth is we take more of an organizational learning perspective. For an organization to change and to do something different, it needs to be something different and to be something different, it needs to learn. Getting an organization to learn is not a trivial task though. Several features need to be in place: A (genuinely) shared vision (not one just told to the troops), shared understanding (models) of how things truly work, quality dialogue amongst the team, an understanding and respect for the systemic nature of things, and finally a commitment to personal mastery, meaning, among other things, the ability to recognize correctly our effect on the world around us and adjust our actions accordingly. Staying with this prescription takes patience and courage. In the end that’s what it takes though. We can help.