Reduce the cost of managing complex facilities

Complex facilities give rise to many different management challenges - running a 24/7/365 operation efficiently, securely, effectively and safely in a … [Continue Reading]

Group of people discussing plans

Achieve your own change and growth

Change is difficult. So they say. Well, it can be rather easier if you know how and go about it the right way. It might still be uncomfortable, though … [Continue Reading]

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Handle the politics without needing to be a politician

We all refer to the "politics" in organizations, don't we? It's what we call the lobbying for support, the doing people down just a bit (or a lot), … [Continue Reading]

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Lead by example

There's only one way to make lasting change happen and that is to lead by example. We might not be modeling the exact same change we expect in others: … [Continue Reading]

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Streamline services

Providing public, non-profit, and private sector services as cost-effectively as possible is a complex task and change is frequently found to be … [Continue Reading]

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News and views from Change for Leaders

The importance of sifting

It’s surprising what a difference it makes, thinking over our experiences and learning. You’d … [Read More...]

Threatening with help

It’s a curious thing... People can be remarkably resistant to help: I suppose we all are, … [Read More...]

Being the boss isn’t the same as leading

Just because you can tell someone what to do doesn’t mean you should, or that it’s the best … [Read More...]